We collect high quality products, consumables near expiration, non-salable surplus, special, promotional items, merchandise over-runs, product close-outs or items with damaged packaging.


The donations are taken to the Food Bank’s Collection center warehouse while they undergo the processes of Selection, Classification, Conservation and Packaging..


Once the process is completed, the donations are delivered to Humanitarian Aid institutions and to the Foundation’s own dinning halls, thus constituting SACIAR as the institucional pantry that serves the table of the poorest.


SACIAR  foundation is a non-profit, private institution,whose purpose is the fight against hunger, the reduction, of food waste, the strengthening of the social fabric, self-empowerment, and increasing institutional awareness of food and nutritional well being for the country’s population in situations of vulnerability, in alliance with the Public, Private, Church, and Community sectors. SACIAR Food Bank owns and manages the logistical infrastructure to collect, select, pack and distribute products, basic consumer goods and provide essential services, inspired by the Christian value of Love.


The Foundation SACIAR will be in 2021 a leading institution in social innovation projects, of recognized excellence and prestige for the honesty and efficiency in the development of strategies to improve the quality of life of its beneficiaries, for the commitment in the fight against hunger in Colombia, for promoting the ZERO waste of food, to contribute to mitigate the negative environmental impact of waste and transforming communities as a result of the competent and proactive management of its Corporate Governance, Employees, Volunteers and Benefactors.


220 men and women volunteers actively, consistently and continuously participate in SACIAR Foundation, including SACIAR food banks of Medellín, East Antioquia and Uraba without receiving any economic compensation, their only reward is the satisfaction of serving those that suffer hunger, displacement, sickness and/or helplessness, Volunteers contribute approximately 240,200 hours of work per year at the foundation.

Areas in which volunteers work are in the selection, classification and packing of donations, logistics and warehousing, administrative planning, fiscal overview, promotion of the Foundation, collection at contributions from benefactors, coordination and administration of dining halls, communications special projects, graphic, design, event organization, social work construction, workshop maintenance and medical intervention.


Institutions that benefit on a regular basis from SACIAR Foundation’s donations are obligated to regularly provide their own institution’s personnel to  volunteer hours of community service to the foundation.

This inter-organizational sharing instills a sense of co-responsibility with the volunteers who help carry out the Food Bank’s various daily logistical activities such as: donation selection, classification, conservation and packaging.

Similary, food preparation in SACIAR’s dining temples is done by the mother of children that benefit from the program.

The community Service does not consist of monetary or any other economic compensation, bonus or contribution, under any circumstance and does  not create rights, obligations, nor any labor relation with SACIAR Foundation.

These tasks conform to strict compliance with Decree 3075 of Good Manufacturing practices that help guarantee high quality product handling and delivery that in furn promotes trust among benefactor institutions that donate their products  to SACIAR